Why should I build in steel?

When considering building, a steel frame is the product to use, when looking at the long-term investment of your home. Resale values are higher, as the frame is structurally sound after many decades. A superior, modern, fully structurally engineered house frame made of steel easily stands the test of time.

If I use a steel frame how much flexibility do I have with design?

It is possible to produce designs in steel that cannot be done with other materials. Longer spans, more open spaces, and larger spaces are all possible.

Will councils and various authorities approve the house framing system I choose?

Yes, far more easily than other structures as all steel structures are fully engineered and compliant with council requirements.

Is steel framing suitable for cyclonic areas?

Yes. Steel is used extensively in these areas because of its inherent strength.

Will I pay lower premiums for homeowner's insurance?

Some insurers offer lower premiums for insuring steel structures.

Are steel framed homes noisy?

No. CSIRO interviews with steel frame homeowners in three states confirmed that there were no significant noises due to expansion or contraction.

Do steel frames rust?

No. BlueScope Steel offers a 50-year warranty on Zincalume steel framing.

Is locating and fixing to steel studs difficult?

No. Steel studs are simple to locate with a magnet and the fastening of pictures etc. is easy with self-drilling screws.

Is building in steel more costly than building in timber?

When you compare steel framing which comes complete with Bracing Panels, Tie Downs, Pre-Punched service holes and Lintels over windows, with the equivalent in timber, steel wins every time. Add to that the advantages of steel framing - no shrinkage, no warping, lighter to handle, non-combustible and impervious to termites.

Does a steel frame house look different to a timber house?

No. It is impossible to tell the difference between a steel and timber house once completed.

What about Termite Protection?

Steel qualifies as a 'Termite resistant material' Under the building code of Australia. Your steel structure is safe for life. The BSA provides that building in steel is sufficient to meet the requirements of the code. Building with a steel frame will allow you to avoid expensive and repetitive pest sprays around you home.

As a customer, can I erect a steel house frame?

Yes, providing you have an owner/builder number. Panels are easily handled and are clearly labeled. Roof trusses are labeled and easily secured. Ceiling and roof battens are simply fixed to the trusses. This is a modern product designed for easy erection in the shortest amount of time. BlueScope Steel, the National Association of Steel Framed Housing and many other organisations provide courses or instruction manuals for owner builders.

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